The Institute for Engineering Career Development First Annual Meetup

A Special Message for Career Ambitious Engineers …

“Give Us 2 Days and We’ll Put You
on the Path to Partnership….”

Anthony Fasano Engineering Career Coach

 Anthony Fasano PE, LEED AP, ACC
Author of Engineer Your Own Success
Engineering Firm Partner at Age 27

Join us at the Institute for Engineering
Career Development (IECD)
Meetup in April 2014 in Beautiful Austin, Texas

and You’ll Discover Precisely How to Get
Your Engineering Career
Moving Toward a Six-Figure Income
as a Partner in a Prestigious Firm

Dear Fellow Engineer:

If you’re serious about moving your career in a completely different and positive direction, then you have a decision to make … Right Now!

You can ignore this message and continue to be overworked, underpaid, and spinning your wheels …

OR …

You can take the next 5 minutes to read an important message that will help you move your career FORWARD and get you on the road to maximizing your income … earning well over $100,000 a year as a partner in a thriving engineering firm.

Still with me? Good … you made the right decision.

Let me continue with an important, even surprising fact.

Right now, engineers in their late 20s and early 30s are becoming partners at engineering firms around the country. As a result, they’re no longer working for a low salary or pitiful hourly rate. They’re earning in the low to mid six-figures AND becoming partners in their firms – meaning they can:

  • Gain a share of the firm’s profits
  • Earn a significant lump sum if there’s an acquisition
  • Set their own hours
  • Plus they typically work a sensible schedule so they have a renewed work/life balance.

Here’s the Raw Truth About Moving Your Career Forward to the Six-Figure Range …

I’m Anthony Fasano, PE, a fellow engineer and founder of the Institute for Engineering Career Development (IECD). I received a B.S. and a M.S. in Civil Engineering from Lafayette College and Columbia University respectively.

Just after graduating from college, I went to work for an engineering firm. And because – like you – I’m ambitious, I quickly realized I had to gain a new set of skills to move my career forward.

I gained these critical skills and by 27 was partner in an engineering firm.

The firm asked me to teach these skills to other engineers and subsequently, I decided to share my knowledge with engineers around the world. You may have heard me speak at gatherings of professional engineering organizations including: the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

I also received a Presidential Citation from the New York State Society of Professional Engineers for dedication to the Society and the engineering community.

I mention these career notes not to boast, but to prove I’m following my mission to help engineers be successful and reach their goals.

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Something I Discovered 3 Months into
My Engineering Career …
And it Will Shock You …

Moving up the “ladder” to a partnership in a thriving engineering firm has little to do with your engineering skills.
If you want to become a partner in an engineering firm, you MUST develop and understand these complementary non-engineering skills …

  • Leadership and Management
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Project Management
  • Delegation
  • Budgeting
  • Time Management
  • Sales and Marketing

And, of course, you don’t learn any of these vital skills in engineering school – at least not in a formal way.


It’s a fact. If you want to quickly climb the corporate ladder and become a partner in a firm or start your own business, you must learn the skills I just listed PLUS know how to apply them to the engineering profession. It’s one of the …

Secrets of the Six-Figure Salary Engineers

Making the decision to gain the skills you need to become a partner is easy. But getting the training and knowledge can be difficult … especially if you decide to go it alone. You’ll have to spend hours reading books and watching videos. But most of these books and videos are highly generalized and don’t focus enough on engineering-related skills.

Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to develop the skills you need to complement and augment your engineering skills – and climb the ladder so you become a partner.

The easier way?

The 2014 IECD Spring Meetup in Austin Texas, April 25-26.

The Spring Meetup is a career development seminar organized with one very specific goal …

Revealing the ‘secrets’ of 6-figure salary engineers … and how they achieved partner status early in their careers.

The Spring Meetup is open to any engineer. Any age. Any background. The only pre-requisite? The ambition to reach the partnership level in a thriving engineering firm.

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In Just 48 Hours,
Gain A Road Map to Becoming a Partner in Prestigious Engineering Firm …

After the 2014 IECD Spring Meetup, you will have a clear plan for moving your career to the next level – specifically a partnership and six-figure income.

  Discover the steps accomplished engineers have taken to become leaders – and earn a six-figure income year after year.

  Think about your career in a positive fashion so you’re inspired – not tired.

  Gain support and guidance from fellow ambitious engineers.

  Ask experienced engineers questions about your career – and get relevant answers.

  Meet a potential mentor who can guide your career.

  Create your own road map with tangible goals – and learn how to reach those goals.

  Understand how to acquire the skills you will need to move your career forward.

  What are the tools you must have to succeed in today’s engineering environment? You’ll get the answer at the Meetup.

  Discover how to use social media to your advantage.

  Understand the fundamentals of negotiation, interviewing, and building a network.

  Socialize with like-minded engineers and begin to develop a powerful network you’ll have for decades.

  Which qualifications matter today? You’ll find out by attending.

  How do you avoid burnout? Our speakers will tell you how at the Meetup.

  How do you maintain a work/life balance? You’ll receive several strategies during the Meetup.

  Gain total clarity about your engineering career.

  Discover what a firm really wants in a partner.

  3 blunders to avoid when moving toward a partnership.

  Starting your own firm … is it the right move?

  Partnering with others … good move or terminal mistake?

  Dealing with different personality types – and how to engage with them.

  The importance of emotional intelligence into today’s workplace – this will surprise you.

  Embracing diversity and modern work practices.

  The basics of running a successful engineering practice.

  Marketing best practices for public and private work – how to produce proposals that stand out.

  The fine art of managing a group of engineers from different backgrounds.

  How to interact with clients professionally – and profitably.

  How to remain motivated and excited about your career.

  And much, much more.

Come to the 2014 IECD Spring Meetup armed with plenty of questions – and get ready for 2 days of inspiration combined with practical advice you can use immediately.

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Praise for the IECD Meetup

Real engineers. Real Results from the 2013 Meetup. Watch the video now.

Powerful Information and
Career Guidance…
For a Super-Low Price … Even Lower with ‘Early Bird’ Registration …

Register before February 28th
and receive an
Autographed Copy of my book
Engineer Your Own Success

I’ve seen career development bootcamps and seminars that cost $2,000 to $5,000 … these promise to teach you many of the same career strategies I will share with you at the Meetup. Fortunately, you won’t pay anywhere near that to attend the Meetup. I fully and totally realize you may be starting your career – so I’ve worked with our locations and our sponsors to keep attendance as low as $197. You’ll agree that’s an incredibly low price when you consider the quality of the speakers and the additional benefits. When (not if) you reach the partnership level – and you’re earning a six-figure income – you will look back at the $197 and think, “that’s the best investment I ever made in my career.”

To help with travel expenses, I’ve organized a discount at the host hotel – plus a 5% discount on air travel with American Airlines (details will be e-mailed to you when you register). You’ll find it easy to get a low airfare to Austin from pretty much any airport in the United States. The regular registration cost for the Meetup is $297 but when you book before February 28, 2014 you get the ‘early bird’ rate of $197. That’s right … all the events detailed in the agenda with the exception of the special optional Thursday afternoon workshop for $197.

Also if you register before the end of February you will receive a copy of my book bestselling book Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career.

 Bonus for Registration Before the End of February

When it Comes to Your Career –
You Now 
Have a Simple
but Crucial Decision …

A few minutes ago, you made the right decision to read this message. Now you have another decision to make …

On April 25-26 you can be at work – or at home – and wondering how you’re going to escape from your current position and make it to partner level …

OR …

You can join us at the Meetup and gain the knowledge you need to start moving your career in a totally different direction … away from hour-by-hour drudgery and firmly on the road to a six-figure income as a partner in a prestigious and thriving engineering firm.

I’m confident you’ll make the right choice for you, your career, and your future. Join us at the Meetup.

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To Your Career Success
Anthony Fasano PE, LEED AP, ACC
IECD Founder
Author of Engineer Your Own Success
Engineering Firm Partner at Age 27

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